Discover more with MAZAK

Mazak is a leader in the design and manufacture of productivity-improving machine tool solutions. Our new distributor arrangement now means a true Kiwi commitment to an internationally-trusted brand.

• Multi-tasking centres
• CNC turning centres
• Machining centres
• Laser processing machines
• Automation systems (DONE IN ONE®)

NOW DISTRIBUTED BY NZ Machine Tools Limited

Backed by a global and local support network MAZAK has 81 Technology Centres and Technical Centres in 26 countries worldwide to provide prompt before and after-sales service and support to customers on a local basis.


Mazak’s DONE IN ONE® concept incorporates all processes from raw materials input through final machining in just one machine. Achieved with a second turning spindle and a milling turret or with a two-spindle, two-turret configuration, DONE IN ONE® machines offer maximum productivity, reduce production lead times, improve machining accuracy and lower operating expenses.

DONE IN ONE Capability:

  • Increases capacity, flexibility, productivity and profitability
  • Improves machining accuracy and overall part quality
  • Streamlines production and boosts output with fewer machines and less increases in workforce
  • Maximizes use of floor space
  • Enhances overall management and enables production of parts on demand
  • Reduces part costs via fewer fixtures and less tooling
  • Keeps manufacturers competitive

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